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Tell Somebody Report

If you are in an emergency situation that requires medical, psychological or police services, call 9-911 from a campus phone. Off-campus and cell phones, call 911. Do not use this reporting form if an immediate response is required.


If a member of the University community observes any behavior that may involve threats to the safety and security of the University community and that needs to be brought to the attention of the Special Situations team, individuals may report the behavior by contacting one of the team members during business hours:

  • In reference to student behavior: (979) 845-3111 (Dr. Anne Reber)
  • In reference to staff behavior: (979) 845-3711 (Dr. Anna Satterfield)
  • In reference to faculty behavior: (979) 845-4274 (Dr. Michael Benedik)

or by using the online report form below.

The offices and individuals receiving these calls will triage to the most appropriate unit to handle the situation and/or convene the entire Special Situations Team if necessary. These individuals and offices have been the contact point for reporting concerning behavior even prior to the creation of the team and are accustomed to handling these types of reports.

Individuals may use the online report form to report concerning behavior. You have the option to fill in your contact information or submit the report anonymously. Once a report is submitted online, a copy is emailed to the entire team for appropriate review and action. NOTE: The Special Situations Team cannot guarantee every report will remain confidential. State law determines confidentiality.

Tell Somebody Report Form

(If you are reporting anonymously, please note that Texas A&M University officials may be limited in their response.)
(999) 999-9999
(Please be as detailed as possible by including day, time, location, and description)
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